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My son survived because of M-FUND

Tin Mo Khai is a Burmese woman living in Mae Sot District, Tak Province. In 2020, she was pregnant. She went for prenatal care at Mae Tao Clinic. She received the information about the M-FUND project and was interested. So, she enrolled to join M-FUND in the "NGO Pregnancy" plan, which is only available in Mae Sot District and Myawaddy City, Myanmar.

Tin Mo Khai has 5 children. When she was in Burma, she would have abnormally high blood pressure every birth due date time without knowing the reason. And that caused her to lose 2 children.

This time, when the birth was due, she again experienced abnormal high blood pressure. Doctors at Mae Tao Clinic assessed her high-risk situation and sent her for a cesarean section at Mae Sot Hospital using M-FUND rights. Eventually, both the mother and child were safe.

Tin Mo Khai is very impressed with the M-FUND project. She wants others to join. She always talks about M-FUND and often invites her friends to join. She said that most migrant workers do not have any savings. When they get sick or injured and require medical treatment, there is no money to pay. M-FUND can resolve these situations. Just 100 THB of monthly contribution is well worth the health insurance we receive.

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