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Our Partners

Our partner healthcare facilities

M-Fund already includes collaborating hospitals, NGO clinics, and private clinics in the areas of implementation along the Thai border. Together, they form the network of healthcare facilities that deliver medical services to members enrolled in the M-FUND. They eagerly use the M-FUND digital platform to identify members and provide quality healthcare services in project areas.

List of partner hospitals, clinics and Sub-district Health Promotional Hospitals (SHPHs) 




Mae Sot District

1. Maesot Hospital

2. Mae Tao Clinic (NGO)

3. SMRU Clinic (NGO) 

4. Ronnatrai Clinic (30% co-payment) 


Mae Ramat District

5. Mae Ramat Hospital

Phob Phra District

6. Phob Phra Hospital 



Mueang Sa Kaeo District

1. Sakaeo Crown Prince Hospital 

Watthana Nakhon District

2. Watthana Nakhon Hospital

Aranyaprathet District

3 Aranyaprathet Hospital

Ta Phraya District

4. Ta Phraya Hospital 

Klong Hat District

5. Klong Hat Hospital 

Wang Nam Yen District

6. Wang Nam Yen Hospital 

Khao Chakan District

7. Khao Chakan Hospital 

Wang Sombun District

8. Wang Somboon Hospital 

Khok Sung District

9. Khok Sung Hospital 

+108 Subdistrict Health Promotional Hospitals (SHPHs)



Sangkhla Buri District

1. Sangkhla Buri Hospital

2. San Jai Dee Clinics (Ban Three Pagodas Pass)

3. Jai Pramot Clinics (Ban Huai Malai)

4. Ban Yang Khao SHPHs,

5. Three Pagodas Pass SHPHs

6. Wiakadee SHPHs

7. Kongmongtha SHPHs

8. Banmai Pattana SHPHs

Thong Pha Phum District

9. Thong Pha Phum Hospital

10. Kroengkrawia SHPHs

11. Ban Rai SHPHs

12. Huai Kayeng SHPHs

13. U-Long SHPHs

14. Kui Yae SHPHs

15. Sahakorn Nikhom SHPHs

Sai Yok District

16. Sai Yok Hospital

Chiang Rai


Mueang Chiang Rai District

1. Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital


Chiang Khong District

2. Chiang Khong Hospital

3. Ban Mai Don Kaeo SHPHs

4. Ban Song Phi Nong SHPHs


Chiang Saen District

5. Chiang Saen Hospital

Doi Luang District

6. Doi Luang Hospital

Khun Tan District

7. Khun Tan Hospital

Mae Chan District

8. Mae Chan Hospital

9. Ban Laofu SHPHs

10. Si Kham SHPHs

Mae Fa Luang District

11. Mae Fah Luang Hospital

Mae Lao District

12. Mae Lao Hospital

Mae Sai District

13. Mae Sai Hospital

14. Ban Pha Hi SHPHs

15. Mae Sai SHPHs

16. Phong Ngam SHPHs

Mae Suai District

17. Mae Suai Hospital

18. Ban Huay Khrai SHPHs

19. Ban Pong Klang Nam SHPHs 

20. Ban Wavi SHPHs 

Pa Daet District

21. Pa Daet Hospital

22. Pa Daet SHPHs 

Phan District

23. Phan Hospital

Phaya Mengrai District

24. Phaya Mengrai Hospital

Thoeng District

25. Thoeng Hospital

Wiang Chai District

26. Somdej Phrayanasangwon Hospital

Wiang Chiang Rung District

27. Wiang Chiang Rung Hospital

Wiang Kaen District

28. Wiang Kaen Hospital

Wiang Pa Pao District

29. Wiang Pa Pao Hospital


Ubon Ratchathani


Mueang Ubon Ratchathani District

1.  The 50th Anniversary Mahavajiralongkorn Hospital

2. Sunpasitthiprasong Hospital

Khemmarat District

3. Khemmarat Hospital

4. Ban Muang Thao SHPHs

Na Tan District

5. Na Tan Hospital

Sirindhorn District

6. Sirindhorn Hospital

Khong Chiam District

7. Khong Chiam Hospital

Trakan Phuet Phon District

8. Trakan Phuet Phon Hospital

Warin Chamrap District

9. Warin Chamrap Hospital

Kut Khaopun District

10. Kut Khaopun Hospital

Khuang Nai District

11. Khuang Nai Hospital

Det Udom District

12. Det Udom Hospital

Buntharik District

13. Buntharik Hospital

Si Mueang Mai District

14. Si Mueang Mai Hospital

Samrong District

15. Samrong Hospital

Na Chaluai District

16. Na Chaluai Hospital

Nam Khun District

17. Nam Khun Hospital

Nam Yuen District

18. Nam Yuen Hospital


Na Tia District

19. Na Yia Hospital

Muang Sam Sip District

20. Muang Sam Sip Hospital

Phibun Mangsahan District

21. Phibun Mangsahan Hospital

Tan Sum District

22. Tan Sum Hospital

Pho Sai District

23. Pho Sai Hospital

Don Mot Daeng District

24. Don Mot Daeng Hospital

Thung Si Udom District

25. Thung Si Udom Hospital

Lao Suea Kok District

26. Lao Suea Kok Hospital

Sawang Wirawong District

27. Sawang Wirawong Hospital




Mueang Trat District

1. Trat Provincial Hospital

Khlong Yai District

2. Khlong Yai Hospital

Bo Rai District

3. Bor Rai Hospital

Laem Ngop District

4. Laem Ngop Hospital

Khao Saming District

5. Khao Saming Hospital

Koh Chang District

6. Koh Chang Hospital

Koh Kut District

7. Koh Kood Hospital




1. Myawaddy Hospital (members are covered to receive complementary investigations and medicines from private facilities that are partners of M-FUND)

2. Myittamon Hospital and Pharmacies  (30% co-payment) 

3. Chan Mae Clinic  (30% co-payment)

4. Sittagu Hospital




1. Heng Rithy Clinic (30% co-payment) 

2. Tevin Reaksasok II Clinic (30% co-payment) 

3. Ok Tinna Clinic (30% co-payment) 

Our Funding Partners

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