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M-FUND helped save his eye

Updated: Apr 9

Leh-Leh (fictional name) is an 8-year-old Burmese boy whose parents are migrant workers in Phang Nga Province in the south of Thailand. Leh-Leh studies in Grade 2 in a migrant learning center run by the Foundation for Education and Development (FED).


In July 2023, FED enrolled 280 children from the learning center, under M-FUND. For a contribution of just 75 Thai Baths per person per month (2 US$), each of the children receives solid health protection under M-FUND.


One regular school day in February 2024, Leh-Leh was playing ball with his friends in the classroom, when an unexpected accident happened. The ball bounced up and broke a neon light, and glass shards fell and hit his right eyeball.


Leh-Leh was quickly taken to the nearest clinic, where it was found that Leh-Leh's condition was serious. Quick eye surgery was needed to save his eye.


He was immediately taken to the nearest district hospital, where he could receive surgery under M-FUND coverage. All costs of care (24,733 Thai Baht or about 680 US$, a sum out of reach for Leh-Leh’s parents), were fully covered by M-FUND.


Currently, Leh-Leh can see but not clearly. He still needs to see a doctor continuously to treat his eye. However, he can live a normal life and plans to transfer to study in a government school next year.

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