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Dreamlopments (DLP) visited M-FUND project partner healthcare facilities in Sa Kaeo

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Wilas Chareerat (3rd from left) Nyan Linn (4th from left) and Anuchar Klongyut (3rd from right)

On 26-27 April 2023, Bangkok team of DLP Foundation visited Sa Kaeo Province to observe and monitor the implementation of the M-FUND project and meet with project staff and fund members. The Bangkok DLP team included Mr. Nyan Linn, Head of Programs, and Mr. Annop Nipitmetawee, Communication, Public Engagement and Mobilization Officer. Field visits were facilitated by Mr. Wilas Chareerat, Project Medical Officer, and Ms. Sunanta Neamhom, Community Worker Coordinator from Sa Kaeo Project Office.

During the visits, the team went to partner healthcare facilities that are providing medical services to M-FUND members and had face-to-face discussions to identify issues and challenges. The facilities visited included Aranyaprathet Hospital, Khok Sung Hospital, Ta Phraya Hospital, Non Mak Mun Tambon (Sub-district) Health Promotion Hospital, and Ang Sila Tambon Health Promotion Hospital.

Up to the end of April 2023, there are 6,730 M-FUND members enrolled in Sa Kaeo Province, with more than 70% of members in Aranyaprathet District due to the presence of Rong Kluea, a large border market where many Cambodian workers cross the border to work. M-FUND has been operating the project for almost four years, in partnership with nine hospitals and 108 Tambon Health Promotion hospitals throughout the province providing comprehensive health services.

"We have been partnering with M-FUND for many years now. I think it's an excellent project," Mr. Anuchar Klongyut, Deputy Director of Khok Sung Hospital, praised the M-FUND project for its assistance to patients who lack access to treatment.

"Many of these immigrants come to work in Thailand. We provide services in the same way as to Thai people; everything is no different. We value the M-FUND project and thus, are giving full cooperation and support," Mr. Klongyut added.

Dreamlopments Foundation's Head of Programs, Mr. Nyan Linn, expressed gratitude to the Provincial Public Health Office and partner hospitals, including Tambon Health Promotional Hospitals in Sa Kaeo Province, for collaborating with the M-FUND project. He also mentioned his desire, "We would like to continue this partnership to maintain access to quality health services consistently for the migrant population."

Non Mak Mun Tambon Health Promoting Hospital

Ang Sila Tambon Health Promotion Hospital

"Community 200 rooms" residential area of Cambodian workers Aranyaprathet District Sa Kaeo Province

A project staff is explaining the benefits of members enrolled in the M-FUND

Rong Kluea Market

Rong Kluea Market

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