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Our Partners

Our partner healthcare facilities

The Migrant Fund already includes a total of 149 collaborating hospitals, NGO clinics, and private clinics in the five areas of implementation along the Thai border. Together, they form the network of healthcare facilities that deliver medical services to members enrolled in the M-FUND. They eagerly use the M-FUND digital platform to identify members, and provide quality healthcare services in project areas.
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List of partner hospitals, clinics and Sub-district Health Promotional Hospitals (SHPHs) 





1. Maesot Hospital 

2. Mae Ramat Hospital 

3. Phob Phra Hospital 

4. Mae Tao Clinic (NGO) 

5. SMRU Clinic (NGO) 

6. Ronnatrai Clinic** 



1. Aranyaprathet Hospital 

2. Sakaeo Crown Prince Hospital 

3. Wattana Nakhon Hospital 

4. Ta Phraya Hospital 

5. Klonghad Hospital 

6. Wangnamyen Hospital 

7. Khao Chakan Hospital 

8. Wangsomboon Hospital 

9. Khok Sung Hospital 

+ SHPHs: Tab Prik SHPH, Nong Prue SHPH, Pha Rai SHPH, Phan Suek SHPH, Makok SHPH, Ang Sila SHPH, and Non Mak Moon SHPH are active partner sites, but all 108 SHPH of Sakaeo province are partners of M-FUND and can also provide health services to M-FUND members. 



1. Kwai River Christian Hospital (both old and new) 

2. Kwai River Christian Clinic 

3. San Jai Dee Clinic 

4. Sangkhlaburi Hospital 

5. Ban Yang Khao SHPH 

6. Three Pagodas Pass SHPH 

7. Thong Pha Phum Hospital 

+ All 13 SHPHs under Thong Pha Phum District of Public Health Office 


Chiang Rai 

1. Chiang Khong Crown Prince Hospital 

2. Mae Chan Hospital 

3. Mae Sai Hospital 

4. Mae Suai Hospital 

+ All SHPHs in Chiang Khong, Mae Chan, Mae Sai and Mae Suai 





1. Myawaddy Hospital (Government)* 

2. Myittamon Hospital and Pharmacies** 

3. Chan Mae Clinic** 

4. Sitagu Chit Thu Hospital 


* In Myanmar, members seeking care in partner government hospitals are covered to receive complementary investigations and medicines from private facilities that are partners of M-FUND. 

** In designated private partner facilities, members can seek care directly upon a 30% co-payment of the cost of care received. 



1. Heng Rithy Clinic

2. Tevin Reaksasok II Clinic

3. Ok Tinna Clinic

Our Funding Partners

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