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About M-FUND

The M-FUND is a low-cost not-for-profit health protection scheme for migrants in Thailand, created to empower this underserved population to self-establish sustainable access to quality healthcare services. We ultimately aim to extend this service to other migrants and underserved communities in Asia, and create a regional cross-protection scheme of health access and development.​

M-FUND members contribute a low monthly premium of 100 Thai baht (~US$2.8) per person 
(base plan), which covers access to broad quality health care services in a network of partner hospitals and clinics along the Thai border provinces.


Over 41,930 migrants have voluntarily registered as 

M-FUND members


M-FUND has covered over 41,198 outpatient consultations

and 7,306 hospital admissions


200 hospitals and clinics provide quality health care services to

M-FUND members 

Our Mission

How it works

How it works.png
1. M-FUND Community Workers (CW)
give information to migrants in communities.
2. CW enroll members on tablets with
the M-FUND application.
3. A member card with QR code is given to each member.
4. Hospitals identify active members by scanning the QR code. Members receive free care directly billed to M-FUND.

We are expanding...

Since its launch in September 2017, M-FUND has reached more migrants in needs, in more areas. 

M-FUND was launched in Tak province along the Thai-Myanmar border in September 2017. M-FUND now covers most migrants in need in 3 districts of the province. 

Migrants in Tak province requested for coverage of healthcare services to be extended into Myanmar. In August 2019, we extended M-FUND operations into Myawaddy, which is on the Myanmar side of the border. 

Driven by its success in Tak, in August 2019, M-FUND expanded to​ Sakaeo province along the Thai-Cambodian border to offer health protection to migrants living in this area. 

In July 2020, M-FUND was further extended in Sangkhlaburi district of Kanchanaburi province, along the Thai-Myanmar border.


In June 2021, also in Kanchanaburi, M-FUND was expanded to Thong Pha Phum district .

As of February 2022, M-FUND has also expanded to Chiang Rai.

M-FUND is constantly growing in order to expand access to healthcare to more migrants in need. We also offer a video call centre to aid migrants in the M-FUND registration process.

Where we work

M-FUND currently operates in

- Tak province
- Sakaeo province
- Kanchanaburi province
- Chiang Rai province
- Myawaddy Township (Myanmar)

- Poipet city (Cambodia)

For a full list of partner healthcare facilities, click here.

mfund site map labelled.jpg

Coverage benefits and options

5,000 THB

Outpatient consultation

45,000 THB

Hospital admissions

50,000 THB





M-FUND currently provides the following coverage benefits and options for members under its Policy 4.0: 
All members are entitled to a total of 50,000 THB
in coverage benefits per year

Plan options

see which plan is for you

Cost per person

(per month)

Base plan

(for healthy members)

100 THB


School plan

(min. 25 pax / under 18 years old only)

75 THB


Senior plan

(50+ years old)

200 THB

(Invite and maintain 2 other members)

Chronic diseases

(for those with chronic health conditions)

300 THB

(Invite and maintain 2 other members)

Community pregnancy

(existing members who become pregnant)

300 THB

(Invite and maintain 2 other members)

NGO pregnancy *

(Tak and Myawaddy sites only)

200 THB**

(Invite and maintain 1 other member)
* Women who are already pregnant can enroll in this option through partner NGOs: SMRU and Mae Tao Clinic.

** Initial fees if joining in Trimester 2: +300 THB / Trimester 3: +600 THB

For both pregnancy options, newborns of pregnant women are covered until they are discharged from the hospital following delivery, or up to reaching their mother’s coverage limit. Babies must then also be enrolled in M-FUND, along with mother, unless they take the government migrant health insurance for children.

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