About M-Fund

The M-FUND is a low-cost not-for-profit health protection scheme for migrants in Thailand, created to empower this underserved population to self-establish sustainable access to quality health care services. We ultimately aim to extend this service to other migrants and underserved communities in Asia, and create a regional cross-protection scheme of health access and development.​

M-FUND members contribute a low monthly premium of 100 Thai Bahts (2.8$) per person 
(base plan), which covers access to broad quality health care services in a network of partner hospitals and clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border.


Over 30,000 migrants have registered as 

M-FUND members


M-FUND has covered over 26,424 consultations

and 5,171 hospital admissions.


130 hospitals and NGO clinics  provide quality health care services to M-FUND members 


How it works

How it works.png
1. M-FUND Community Workers
give information to migrants 
2. Enrollment in communities with
the M-FUND application
3. E-members card linked to a QR code
card given to members
4. Hospital identifies active member
who receives free care paid by M-FUND

We are expanding...

Since its launch in September 2017, M-FUND has reached more migrants in needs, in more areas. 

M-FUND was launched in Tak province along the Thai-Myanmar border in September 2017. M-FUND covers already most migrants in need in 3 districts of the province. 

Migrants in Tak province have wanted coverage of healthcare services to be extended into Myanmar. In August 2019, we have extended M-FUND operations in Myawaddy, on the Myanmar side of the border. 

Driven by its success in Tak, in August 2019, M-FUND expanded to​ Sakaeo province along the Thai-Cambodia border, to offer health protection to many migrants living in this area. 

In July 2020, M-FUND was further extended in Sangklaburi district of Kanchanaburi province, along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Where we work

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