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Consultant Vacancy

Project Evaluation, M-FUND Project


  • Dreamlopments (DLP), a Thai-based non-profit social enterprise, is running in Tak and Sakaeo provinces in Thailand, the Migrant Fund (M-FUND), a low-cost, not-for-profit health insurance for migrants not covered by existing government insurance schemes (mainly unregistered migrants). The project was launched in September 2017, and is currently supported by the Initiative 5% of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs through Expertise France. Additional funding support is also received from the European Union through UNICEF, and the Global Fund through Raks Thai Foundation and UNOPS. The project is conducted in collaboration with Thai government public hospitals in Tak and Sakaeo provinces.

  • In this project, Community Workers provide information about M-FUND to their peers. Those interested are enrolled by CW in their communities, through use of tablets and a secured web-application. An electronic membership card is generated, and linked to an individual QR code card that can be scanned in partner facilities, to reveal members’ benefits and coverage under M-FUND.

  • Members are asked to contribute a premium of 100 THB/person/month, associated with coverage benefits of 50,000 THB/person/year. Persons with chronic diseases, or pregnant women, can also enroll, for an additional option payment of 200 THB/person/month.

  • As of Nov 25, 2019, a total of 13,383 members had already enrolled voluntarily in the M-FUND, and more than 10,000 outpatient consultations, and 2,000 inpatient admissions, have already been covered for M-FUND members in the network of partner healthcare providers.

  • Under current funding support from Initiative 5% (and other support), M-FUND pursues objectives of extension of the project implementation, and coverage of migrants in needs, in Tak and Myawaddy along the Thai-Myanmar border, as well as other provinces in Thailand (Sakaeo, and 1 other province to be confirmed in 2020).

  • Under funding from Initiative 5%, we aim to conduct a mid-term project funding evaluation, and are looking for suitable monitoring and evaluation expert candidates.


The general objectives of the evaluation are:  

  1. To assess the project’s performance in reference to its objectives and targets.

  2. To document possible challenges in meeting the project objectives and targets, as well as lessons learnt from the project implementation.

  3. To make recommendations that inform and improve future program directions.

This mid-term evaluation will also specifically look at:

a) The perceptions among M-FUND members, of the value of M-FUND coverage.  

b) The reasons for not enrolling in the M-FUND, for migrants provided information about the scheme who decline to join.

c) To what extent equity or inequity exists in access to M-FUND.

d) The reasons for dropping-out from M-FUND, among members who discontinue membership.  

e) Factors associated with the dominance of females among M-FUND members. (70% of M-FUND members are females)


1. Evaluator will be able to follow activities of information and enrollment done in the community, by Community Workers. Evaluator will also be able to meet M-FUND members receiving healthcare services in partner facilities.

2. Evaluator will be given access to M-FUND project log frame, reports and routine indicators, as well as the M-FUND application where he/she will be able to export program data to conduct further analyses.

3. Evaluator may then conduct focus group discussions/survey questionnaires/ interviews, with M-FUND members and migrants in the community, to study the evaluation objectives.

4. Evaluator may then wish to conduct interviews or focus group discussions with M-FUND staff, to explore some of the evaluation objectives.



The evaluation is expected to last for 30 working days (including report writing), and is to be conducted between January and February 2020.



A complete report summarizing relevant program indicators, and presenting the methods used to carry out the evaluation, and detailed findings for each of the evaluation objectives.

Work Experience:

  • At least 8 years’ experience in international health and development encompassing a broad range of specific experience in: 

  • Project management/coordination.

  • Project design.

  • Monitoring and evaluation.

  • Social research, including focus group discussions, surveys, a strong plus. 

  • Experience in several countries, including in Asia, and various resource-limited settings required.

  • Design, management or evaluation of micro-insurance projects, a strong plus.

  • Experience in projects of aid and development for migrants and refugees a plus.

  • Experience in use of electronic data management systems desired.


Skills and competencies: 

  • Excellent analytical and reporting skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Fluent in English.

  • Fluent in Burmese, or Thai, a strong plus.

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.

  • Able to follow work plan, timelines, and set priorities.

  • Able to work under pressure. Flexible.

  • Able to operate in a multicultural team environment.

  • Advanced command of Microsoft Excel.

  • Good command of other applications, including statistical softwares, a plus.

  • Details and quality oriented. 

  • Diplomatic, energetic, highly motivated.


The position is open to experts of any nationality.



  • A daily competitive consultant fee is provided for the evaluator. Please indicate in the application, previous reference daily consultant fees received, and expected daily consultant fee for this evaluation.

  • Per diem during stay in Thailand for the evaluation is provided.

  • Accommodation in Bangkok and Mae Sot during the assignment.

  • Domestic travel for the evaluation.

  • Travel from and/to country of residence.

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